Tutoring Qualifications

I am a certified OCT teacher with an undergraduate degree (B.Math, UW) in Mathematical physics and a graduate degree (M.Ed, Brock) in mindfulness, complexity theory, deep ecology, and Platonic metaphysics.

I have been tutoring for 15+ years and have both Manitoba and Ontario teaching experience in junior/senior H.S. math. I charge $25/hr for elementary, $35/hr for secondary, and $30/hr for adult education or college level math. These prices are negotiable.

I personally recommend skipping a costly agency and going right to the source. However, you may also find my profile at FirstTutors™ Canada.

About Me

Born and raised in Grimsby (1985). Can speak English and Dutch. Love gardening, education, and giving. Vegan enthusiast and permaculture advocate. I also grew up on Dragon Ball Z. I try to have one foot in intelligentsia and another in intuitive epistemology; one mind in Western thinking, one heart in Eastern wisdom.

  • B.Math, Mathematical physics, University of Waterloo
  • President's Circle Award Recipient, University of Waterloo
  • FEDS Leadership Award Recipient, University of Waterloo
  • B.Ed, OCT certified, Brock University
  • M.Ed, Social & Cultural Contexts, Brock University
  • Published scholar in Paideusis, 2015. Mindful Pedagogy: Invocating the Concept of Play Beyond the Confines of Recess

Reiki Sessions and Mindfulness Seminars

I am a Reiki Level II practitioner and charge $50.00 for a healing session. I can do long-distance sessions if required. I incorporate gemstones, subtle colour vibrations, and aromatherapy as additional healing modalities. I also have many years training in mindfulness meditation and recently awareness (subtle energy) training. I offer mindfulness seminars for group rates (to be discussed) or individual pricing at $35 per session.

Spiritual circles

I have a deep interest in all things metaphysical. Care to study with me? Let me know!


Below are some of the things people have said about me.

  • Lisa Flynn, Smith School

    "Rob developed enrichment math activities to challenge gifted students and loves to encourage an inquisitive mind. Rob demonstrated great leadership skills and patience while working with these students. He has a very creative nature and thoroughly enjoys collaborating with others. The students enjoyed his lessons and responded very positively to Rob's activities."

  • Sakoieta Widrick, Mohawk Elder

    "I have known Robert for several years now and have been impressed with the degree to which he applies himself to his career and his interests in mathematics, computers, science, biology, physics as well as social conditions of human beings and over raising consciousness of social issues that need to be addressed by society. I fully believe having spent numerous occasions in discussion with Rob discussing how all of these series of studies can be used in today's modern age with respect also for the past history of this continent and its people that he would be an excellent teacher and instructor in any or all of these areas of study. He and I become good friends and often discussed also the Indigenous methods of applying the sciences and studies to life today and what needs to be done for life to make sense and to be complete in searching for answers for modern day situations and problems."

  • Jacqui, Parent, Grimsby

    "I just wanted to let you know that [our son] had a test result just not long after you left and got 90%, a considerable difference from the 73% he got before he saw you. He also received his mid term mark yesterday and he's gone from 50 something up to 82! Thank you so much for your help, you made a remarkable difference."

  • Parent, Grimsby

    "Rob was very professional and very generous with his time. He had a very calm and patient demeanour. I would highly recommend him. 5/5"

  • Student, Beamsville

    "Rob was very knowledgeable and could bring multiple viewpoints to the tutoring session. This helped me understand the concepts I was struggling with."

  • Ayden, Friend

    I've never seen a person pull off socks and sandals and shorts in the winter, except Rob.

Online Tutoring

For online sessions I use the following whiteboard and skype. This may change in the near future.